Avalon is a place you don’t want to be. Or maybe you do.

Distance from Avalon is a fantasy fiction novella written by Mike Messier. The story follows a more-than-an-average Joe with a chip on his shoulder into a realm of the unknown.

Joe, a school teacher going through a painful divorce, finds himself on a spontaneous  Halloween night adventure with an attractive, younger co-worker named Shadow.

They find themselves at a small dinner party hosted by a cryptic genius named Distance  and his lovely yet seemingly “captured” mistress Heartbreak, who may – or may not – pine for freedom. Spoils of the flesh and empathy are used as tools for seduction and manipulation, with a deep element of Joe’s time travel theory “M-Life” testing his own loyalty to his chosen existence. Ultimately, Joe must choose whether to stay in this odd yet seductive place, or create… a Distance from Avalon.

Distance from Avalon also is written as a screenplay and a stage play.

With very special thanks to  Anne Patricia Murray  , Curator and Founder, of  the international Artists collective Cloud Conversations  for use of her photography throughout this website, for helping to create the imagery on our tour of Avalon.

This website aims to both progress the project and celebrate Art from the far-away-land of our collective, eclectic, and subconscious imaginations. Thus the creation of Avalonia Festival  , to celebrate the very nature of creation itself.  Very special thanks to Nadine G Messier for the graphic design of the Avalonia Festival logo.