Chapter 2 – meet Joe’s students

CHAPTER 2 – meet Joe’s students.

It’s been said that every generation hates the next but this current generation is very hate-able. They are intelligent, sure, but really just zombies. They like their smart-phones but are not smart themselves. They are cowards. They are afraid of both themselves – their own potential – and what they are both capable of and not capable of.

They’ve been beaten down. There’s something about these kids that screams “defeated”.

Was it 9/11? Growing up with the visage of the world falling apart all around you? Not even feeling disappointed or saddened at the knowledge gained of a failing government. A failing country.

Not even becoming disillusioned. But just being born that way. Born depressed.

And these are the kids that Joe Humble attempts to teach as a seventh and eight grade history teacher.

These are the kids Joe tries to reach.

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