CHAPTER 3 – On this Friday, late afternoon

She peers into that classroom to see what she can see.

She is a music teacher herself and she was nice today, let her students out five minutes early. She’s been warned by the administration before not to do this but she does it anyway. It’s Friday and the kids – her kids, music students – tend to get bullied and shoved around a bit, so she wants them to have that extra time to get to their lockers, then the buses or the cars or however they are getting home. They have recitals and performances coming up in the next several weeks as November is coming and then the Holidays which brings performances.

She learned about the intricacies and nuances last year, her first full year as a school teacher. And now, here she is, a teacher in her sophomore year, barely out of schooling herself.

But she is enjoying it, despite the challenges of academia. Getting along with other people – the administrators – all quite locked in to their ways of doing things and most looking forward to retirement. But for the most part, they leave her alone.

She enjoys the kids.

And her co-worker, this Joe, he’s not so bad for an old guy. He’s going through a divorce, and he has kids, but at least that proves, well, that he can procreate and somebody loved him once.

She looks into his classroom, through a small glass window.

She looks into his room.

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