CHAPTER 4 – Her name is Shadow

Her name is Shadow and she is a young music teacher, just turned twenty-four in August. She was able to have a nice birthday party for herself with a few friends at the bar and they all marveled that she had settled down into a real job.

But what’s next?, they asked. Will you move out of your parents’s house? It’s just your mom there, right? But isn’t she a pain in the ass?

We can share an apartment! And the suggestions continue.

Shadow decided to keep the status quo for now. She is saving money, she told her friends, and there is not much time that she is actually at home with her mother anyway.

She mostly goes to work, then there are after school programs – usually – then to the gym or Zumba, then, well, sometimes I’m out with you guys, right? There’s not much time to actually be at home and hate being there. I am always on the go.

So being twenty-four and looking at a long career ahead in the teaching industry is quite daunting.

I don’t know really if I’d like to do it my whole life, she thinks.  But it’s good for now.

I love the kids. I love music.

I love — my job.

She looks into his room.

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