Chapter 1 – meet Joe Humble

CHAPTER 1 – meet Joe Humble

Joe Humble never thought life could be like this; quite painful. He had married his high school sweetheart but was now divorced or at least close to it. It was a Friday afternoon, the last day of the school week and for most teachers that would be a welcome reprieve but not for Joe. He actually enjoyed teaching, his school and his students.

Or at least he used to. But not so much, recently. These days, a dark depression has grasped Joe, taken him around the throat and refuses to let him breathe. It would be easy enough to blame Joe’s state on the separation from his wife Jackie and the fact that he is not seeing his three children – twin daughters and a son – quite as much as he’s used to.

Or that the one woman who he’s ever really loved or that seemed to understand him now just can’t stand him. But there’s more than that. Because Joe appears as just another average Joe with a chip on his shoulder, if we even notice the chip, we may not choose to notice Joe himself. And that would be our mistake.

Because this Joe, our very average Joe has tapped into something, a krinkle in our understanding of time, the nature of time, and the possibilities of how we think and how we make choices affects ourselves, others, and all of humanity.

Joe Average is a very important person after all.

Joe Humble is our hero in crisis.


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