A Distance from Avalon by Mike Messier now available on Paperback and Kindle

Yes, A Distance from Avalon: when the dying and the dead reunite by Mike Messier is now available on Amazon, on both paperback and Kindle. Click below to enter the world of Avalon.

The book was recently revealed on a special episode of Celebrity What’s in the Bag? on Mike Messier YouTube Channel with Brian Pillman Jr.

Andrew Buckner of A Word of Dreams website gives the book 5 Stars in his review here:

For press or publishing inquiries for A Distance From Avalon the novella, screenplay or stage-play , contact: mikemessiermoviemaker@gmail.com

“Our New World lineage traces to Avalonia.  Avalonia – a continent lost is the mists of time, as if dissipated by magic. And I collect lost things. Relics. Diamonds in the rough and mere clay yearning to be molded into vases.  And with this palette, I give you Avalon, our humble tribute to the once and future Avalonia. For I believe we’ve recreated a little bit of that old Avalonia magic right here.”  Jean La Croix Distance,  A Distance from Avalon. 

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Now, while they say that everyone has a story, it can also be said that every story has a story; or even more so, another story that lead to the story. 

The story of Avalon, and Avalonia,  is no different; behind this story is another one, more fraught with a lovable chaos than perfect execution perhaps, but ultimately a success in art and perseverance. 

Thus let us not forget, Disregard the Vampire – A Mike Messier Documentary is  the dance that brought us to the ball. Some moons, and eight awards later, the journey now stands as a testimony to the heart and soul of several independent artists who never surrendered despite adversities of both the human and logistical variety. 


A Distance from Avalon & Avalonia Festival Creator Mike Messier